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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lac de Guilers 2 vs Modou LO: Attack against Defence

By Abdoulie Nget
Fans were expecting to see a hard fight between the Lion of Guédiawaye Lac de Guilers 2 and Modou Lo of Parcelles Assainies on the of April 4 at Stade Demba Diop in the Guédiawaye - Parcelles Wrestle Clasico but all they saw was attack and defense as if they were attending a football match.

It could be said that 75 percent of the fans were not expecting the wrestle to end in a draw, but surprisingly the whole 25 minute of the normal time witnessed defensive and attacking move between the two wrestlers Lac de Guilers 2 and Modou Lo.
Modou Lo with his short height has taken numerous offensive initiatives, which were well defended by Lac de Guilers 2. On the other hand, Lac’s attacks were blocked with tactical defense by Lo. Seemingly the two wrestlers were afraid of each other.

Modou Lo was trying to avoid another defeat after been defeated by Balla Gaye 2 whereas Lac de Guilers 2, also was avoiding to be defeated for the first time.
The game marked Lac de Guilers 2’s 12th game with 10 victories and 2 draws with Ama Sene and recently Modou Lo, while Modou Lo has a total victory of 15, defeated by Balla Gaye 2 and a drew with Lac de Guilers 2.
Meaning Lac de Guilers 2 is the only wrestler who is not yet defeated apart from Yahya Diop Yekini the king of the Arena in Senegal.

The fight can be seen as a two party fight as Balla Gaye 2 came to support his brother Lac de Guilers 2, while Eumeu Sene of Boul Faleh came to give his words of advice to Modou Lo, which one can say is a supporting attempt. The attitude of Eumeu Sene was not welcomed by Lac de Guilers’ fans.

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