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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Crop Failure Hits Gambian Farmers

Ahead of this year’s cropping season, The Gambia Metrology Office forecasted that though this year’s rainy season would start late and end early, there would be more rains than normal. The ‘good news’ it says was agricultural productivity will be good and farmers will record a bumper harvest.
But time has proven them wrong with regards to  their latter ‘good news’ prediction as, on the contrary, there is a general crop failure across The Gambia.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Green Light for Banjul teams to register new Players

By: Mandu Sanneh

According to information received yesterday, The Banjul Sports Committee has announced that teams can register up to five more players from now on to the Wednesday 19 October, 2011.
According to the secretary of the zone Ebou Faye, teams can either complete their registration list if they are not exhausted or withdraw player(s) from the list or register new player (s) who has not played for another team in Banjul or other zones. Moreover, the fee for registration is 25 Dalasis for each player.
In addition, Faye said; if any registered player(s) during the first round has not played any match that player(s) can automatically transfer to another team. 
 “Players with one or two yellow cards will have an official pardon, their cards will be wiped out but those with three yellow cards must serve a one-match suspension and also those with red cards,” said Faye.

Burkina’s Coach Hails Scorpions

Gambia V. Burkina
By: Lamin Darboe

After drawing against The Gambia on Saturday at the independence stadium, Banjul in their final game of the African cup of nation’s qualifiers, Pualeh Duarte the Burkinabes’ said the Gambian team is a good team and can make it to the African cup of nation next time.
When asked whether he was disappointed with the 1-1 score line after he collected maximum points from The Gambia in Burkina, Duarte said no my system is always the same, I always play 4-3-3 and I also bring in 5 new players who are just new in the team; so having a draw is obviously not a disappointment.

Leeds Came from Behind to Win Culture

Nyanga Sallah
By: Omar Jarju

Monday 10th October 2011 marked a dazzling game in the ongoing Serrekunda east Nawettan between Leeds United of Tallinding and Culture FC of Bundung. Despite drawing their last encounter to the only 2011 relegated Tallinding team Zurich FC, Culture FC found it difficult to control the ball in the first half of the game due to the heavy pressure put to them by Leeds United.

However, an inspirational performance from Captain Abdoulie Jallow alias “saw”, the Bundung boys scored in the 12 minutes of the first half following a long powerful free kick leaving the Leeds goalie at bay. The Bundung boys however struggled very hard to double the scores in the first half of the game and thanks to a superb tab by Papis Colley in 20 minutes to give Culture 2.

Chances then emerged from both sides but credit goes to Abdoulie Bah alias “Beck” of Leeds United who capitalized on his first clear cut chance to give his side a hope in the 36th minutes of the game. Meanwhile, in the tail end of the first half Serign Mbacke of Leeds United sent a strong header which went straight in the net to level the scores.

Father Gough Complex Upgraded

By: Mamadi B. Camara

The Secretary-General of Manjai Kunda Sport Development Committee Lamin Jumu told The Daily News Sports during an interview on Friday October 8, 2011 that he and his teams are now happy with the condition of the Father Gough football complex, describing it as another step forward in their history.

Jumu stated that the complex can now be compared with other zones of the country saying that the condition of the pitch is improved.
After hailing the rehabilitated Complex, Jumu talked about the young talents competing in the Manjai Kunda Nawettan, saying that “we now have many young talented players who are indeed doing their best to promote the game of football in the zone.’’

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Daily News Trio Put up Outstanding Performances

Our very own Lamin Njie, editor, Abdoulie Nget, sports editor and Binta A. Bah, a judicial correspondent have all made it through to the second stage of Gambia Press Union and Article 19 training programme for Gambian journalists.

Gambia’s 2012 AFCON Dream Over

By Mandu Sanneh

The national team of The Gambia, Scorpions will not take part in the upcoming African Nations Cup football tournament slated for 2012 to be co-hosted by Equatorial Guinea and Gabon,  following their one-all-draw against Burkina Faso on Saturday at the Independence Stadium.
Gambia’s group which consisted of Burkina Faso, Namibia and the withdrawn Mauritania, was described by many as an easy group and hopes were high that the Gambia will qualify for the first time in the continental tournament.

Musa Manneh Backtracks on GAA Presidency

Musa Manneh
By Mandu Sanneh
Musa Manneh, a member of the Gambia Athletics Association (GAA), who had recently declared his intention to run for GAA presidency, has made a sudden U-turn on Sunday.
“I hereby announce that I am withdrawing my candidacy decorously and refrain myself from its ramifications,” Mr Manneh, who currently serves as the sports manager for Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) told The Daily News sports.
Mr Manneh had promised to sanitise the operations of the GAA - ensure transparency and equity, but in his own words, the current secretary general, who he had planned to run against, is the right man for GAA presidency.
“I have come to realise that the Secretary General, Alh Dodou J. Joof has single-highhandedly and manfully strived to bring big and beneficial developmental projects such as the overhauling of the Independence Stadium running tracks into a modern one which is about to commence by international experts,” he said.

Gambia Condemn Bush Fire, Logging In a Bid to Combat Desertification and Drought

Minister Jatto Sillah
In their bid to combat deforestation, desertification and drought, The Gambia government through the minister of Forestry is not taking lightly engagement of people engage in logging and causing bush fire.
Government has shown enough demonstration in the past years and months, which shows their commitment in preserving the land and not to fall on the wrong trap of bad effects like deforestation, which causes desertification and can result to drought.
Desertification is the gradual transformation of habitable land into deserts; usually caused by climate change or by destructive use of the land by its own people. Though Gambia has not been deeply affected, but plans are on the way to avoid it in the long run.
Mr. Jatto Sillah minister of Forestry and the Environment has recently decried the high rate of bushfires in rural Gambia; and renewed calls for the citizenry to embrace forestation with a view to enhancing and protecting the country’s forest cover to guarantee “good living”. Honorable Sillah

Fatou Bensouda Bags 2011 World Peace Law Award

Fatou Bensouda
Fatou Bensouda, The deputy Prosecutor of The International Criminal Court (ICC), bags the 2011 World Peace Law Award. Mrs. Bensouda was born on 31 January, 1961 in The Gambia. She received a bachelor-in-law degree from OAU University in Nigeria and a barrister in-law degree from Nigeria Law School. In addition, she holds a master’s degree in International Maritime Law and the Law of the Sea, which makes her the first interna¬tional maritime law expert of The Gambia.
Bensouda was elected Deputy Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court by the Assembly of States Parties in 2004 and since then has headed and overseen the Prosecution Division of the Office of the Prosecutor. Prior to her election, Bensouda served as Senior Legal Advisor and Head of the Legal Advisory Unit at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

Information Minister Tells Journalists: ‘Don’t Be Partisan’

Minister Alagie Cham

The Gambia’s minister for Information and Communication Infrastructure on Monday warned against a polarised media industry, urging Gambian journalists to observe neutrality in party politics.
“As media practitioners, you should guard your integrity, be sincere, truthful, and accurate, and be impartial because you have an obligation to provide a truthful, comprehensive and intelligent account of daily events to the society,” said Minister Alagie Cham in a statement read on his behalf by information directress,  Aisha Davies during a week-long long training for twenty Gambian journalists on “International Standards for Freedom of Expression for Journalists at Gambia Press Union secretariat.
Under the auspices of Gambia Press Union and Article 19, the programme is funded by the European Union (EU).
“As journalists, you should be non-partisan. You should make sure that you weed out the sensation and focus on the matter,” he said.
Minister Cham said, Gambia government attaches a lot of importance in the development of the media in Gambia.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sex Worker Escapes Kat-kat Karan-kat’s Offensive

By Lamin Njie & Abdoulie Nget
A sex worker and her patron, who calls himself the ‘Kat-kat Karan-kat’ from Balangarr village were at the centre of a drama that unfolded on Tuesday night at a popular brothel called Supar Bar Night Club at Churchill’s town.
‘Kat-kat Karante-kat’, but actually French: ‘quarte quarte quarentre quarte’ is the name of Senegalese ‘mbalax’ superstar, Yousou Ndure’s 2007 musical album on the 44th year of Senegal’s independence, falling on the fourth day of April (04/04).

Believed to be in her mid-twenties, the unnamed sex worker admitted that Mr ‘Kat-kat Karan-kat’, who appeared to be drunk, had paid D100 – D50 for the house and D50 to bed with her.

Business Tycoon Testifies against Banker

By Abdoulie Nget

PHB Bank
Mr Bacamara Sumbundu, a local businessman on Friday testified at the magistrates’ court in Kanifing in the criminal case involving a banker whose name and that of his bank is withheld for his personal security.

The banker alleged to have falsely obtained over six million dalasis from Mr Bacamara Sumbundu in January 2010, but he pleaded not guilty.

The business tycoon, however, testified that the banker took money from him to issue a bank guarantee for him, which he never did.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Coach Put Shows No Sign of Quitting

Paul Put
By Alhagie Panneh

The coach of senior national football team of the Gambia, Paul Put is determined to push on with the team, despite the disappointing results produced during their course of qualifying to the Africa Cup of Nations.
Though many people expected his resignation after a poor result against Namibia, which left Gambia’s qualification in limbo, the Belgian tactician apologizes to all Gambians and still believes that he and his team can make it in 2014 qualifiers, which shows his willingness to continue with his post.

Paul was speaking with journalists at a news conference on Monday at the GFA house following their 1-0 defeat against Namibia, which resulted in the denting of hopes over Gambia’s chances of qualifying for AFCON 2012 or not.

Rain Suspends Juventus, Green Impact Game

By Alhagie Panneh

A heavy rain on Sunday afternoon forced the central referee to suspend the a Nawettan game between Juventus and Green Impact, after he fruitfully discussed with captains of both side in the 70th minutes of the game at the Serrekunda east playing grounds.
The first half ended in a goalless draw, come in the second half, the rain started amidst pitch filled with water and it was hard for players to control the ball.
After agreeing with the two captains, the referee easily stopped the game, resulting in unhappy faces from the Green Impact fans as they claimed to control the game and would win should there be no rain.

Kebba Ceesay: ‘Go ahead Paul Putt’

By Mandu Sanneh

Despite the poor performance of the Gambia national football team under the leadership of Paul Put in the ongoing AFCON qualifiers, Kebba Ceesay, the technical director on behalf of the GFA said Paul will continue his job as a coach, after he Paul Put emphasized that he wants to move on.
In response to a question raised by a journalist, referring to a statement made by Seedy Kinteh, the president of GFA three years ago that: “the least we expect from Paul is for Gambia to qualify for AFCON 2012, if not he, Paul will go or the GFA go,” the technical director said he did not remember the president saying so, adding that it is beyond his position to comment about.

Culture, Maccassa Stalemate

By Omar Jarju
Maccassa FC

Lovely football, two big teams and huge morning spectators, but unconvincing results was what happened on Sunday at the Serrekunda east mini stadium between Maccassa and Culture FC in the ongoing SESDO Nawettan.
Maccassa started as the better side, mounting pressure on Culture FC defenders but not for too long as the Bundung boys however fought very hard to win back possession. In the 33th minute of the game Omar Jarju sent a superb shot for Maccassa but could only go over the crossbar.

Rain Suspends Juventus, Green Impact Game

By Alhagie Panneh

A heavy rain on Sunday afternoon forced the central referee to suspend the a Nawettan game between Juventus and Green Impact, after he fruitfully discussed with captains of both side in the 70th minutes of the game at the Serrekunda east playing grounds.

Leeds, Cannon Start SESDO 2011 Nawettan with Draw

Add caption
By Omar Jarju

Leeds United held on Cannon FC Sunday 4th September 2011 in a keenly encounter in the ongoing Serrekunda east Nawettan. Despite been the opening game for both sides, the two teams displayed good football, especially in the first half of the game.
Leeds United however fought very hard to win ball possession in the first half but not to the face of Cannon FC players.
The early clear cut chance of the game came the way of Sheriffo Sanyang in the 28th minute, but he failed to convert it into a goal.

Medina Prove Stronger than Juve

Medina FC
By Omar Jarju

On a dry Tuesday afternoon, Medina FC battled their local Tallinding rivals Juventus in the ongoing Serrekunda East Sports Development Organisation (SESDO) Nawettan at the Serrekunda east mini stadium, in front of many spectators and fans.
Both sides appeared to be better in the early minutes of the game, but less chances until Baba Badjie of Medina sent in a flashy header, which was hard to deal resulted in a goal to nil in the mid first half.

Ousman Touray Vows to shine in SESDO Nawettan

Ousman Touray
By Mandu Sanneh 

Ball Conge’s forward Ousman Touray, who is one of the hottest strikers within the Serrekunda east area have sent an alert to all teams by saying that he is ready to shine vigorously with his team in the just kicked-off Serrekunda east Nawettan.
Touray was speaking shortly after his team won the Serrekunda East Sports Development Organisation (SESDO) Super Cup, after defeating the last year’s Nawettan winner’s United Stars of Tallinding by two goals to one at the east playing ground.
The scorer of the first goal of the game said he and his team mates are going for both the 2011 (SESDO) Nawettan and the FA cup after declaring that more is expected from him individually as a striker during this Nawettan.
“Preparations are as usual. We are training hard to make sure we achieve what we want, and I am very sure that we can do it because we have good players. We were the FA cup winners last year, and we want to defend this year’s because we need more trophies,” said the striker.

Ball Conge Win SESDO Super Cup

By Mandu Sanneh
Ball Conge

The bold boys of Ball Conge FC were full of joy on Friday after been crowned champions of the 2011 Serrekunda East Sports Development Organisation (SESDO) super cup after defeating last year’s Nawettan winners, United Stars of Tallinding by 2-1 at the Serrekunda east mini stadium.
The game, which was “the green-light” to the 2011 SESDO Nawettan was well witnessed by sports dignitaries as well as football lovers from within and outside the Serrekunda area.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gambia to Host Africa Security Awards

Patrick Agbambu
The Gambia will for the first time host the Security Watch Africa annual awards and lectures scheduled for 13 and 14 October, 2011 at Sheraton Resort and Spa in Brufut.
“The choice for The Gambia is a reflection of the commitment to peace and security by the government,” said Patrick Agbambu, the Chief Executive Officer and the International Coordinator of SWAA.
Agbambu, who was addressing a news conference at Sheraton on Monday said, The Gambia has become a pride of the West Africa sub-region as it remains the most peaceful and secure.
“The hosting of these events in The Gambia is in support of the good works and steadfastness to development by the government,” said Agbambu.
Introduced in 2004 by Security Watch Africa, Security Watch Africa Awards annually honor individuals, governments, agencies, brands and companies who have excelled in security administration, practice and governance in Africa. The lectures, which was introduced in 2005 identifies security problems affecting Africa and her people, discuss these problems and proffer actionable solutions.

Sabackh Sanjal to Stage First Inter-Village Football Tournament

Abdou Secka
After a fruitful discussion with the village youth representatives, the Sabackh Sanjal constituency is set to stage first ever inter-village Nawettan tournament come Sunday 11th October 2011 at different playing grounds within the area.
The aim of the upcoming tournament is, among others, to develop the talents of the youth in football; make the area be known as a role player in the strive to develop football in The Gambia.
According to the chairperson of the Committee, Abdoulie Secka, who is currently residing in Dibba Kunda village, registrations is ongoing and the date of the kick off will be on Sunday 5th October, 2011.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

2012 AFCON qualifying round-up: Senegal qualifies for African Cup of Nations

Senegal National Team follows the fifth round of the 2012 African Cup of Nations qualifying, with a number of matches taking place throughout the weekend
Sep 3, 2011 5:05:00 PM
By Peter Pedroncelli

Senegal 2–0 DR Congo
The Senegalese players knew going into this match that a win at home against DR Congo would be enough to secure their place at the 2012 African Cup of Nations competition in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

It’s a disappointing result for Gambia, coach Put

Paul Put
Following his side’s 1-0 defeat at Namibia on 2012 AFCON m qualifiers match-day five, Gambia coach Paul Put expressed his disappointment with the result.’
Put told that he believes his side did not reach their full potential on the day which was detrimental to their campaign.   What went wrong today?
Paul Put:  First of all I’m so disappointed with the result and how the team played today. We needed to win this match but we couldn't do it and now our destiny is not in our hands anymore. Secondly, I believe my players today did not reach their levels of potential and this cost us the game. We should have played better than this.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Waterman- “Let the Media Stop linking me to Real de Banjul”

By Abdoulie Nget

Omar Jasseh alias Waterman expressed his unhappiness with the way the Gambian media houses are linking his name Real de Banjul a team in the Gambia first division league.

Speaking to the Daily News Sports Waterman said “I am not happy with the way you the Gambian media attach my name to Real de Banjul, every time I read a story related to me on the papers, I see the former Real de Banjul player and I have nothing to do with them.” He further noted that he never told anybody that he was a Real player.

 “I never played for real de Banjul and they have no hands in my move San Jose Earth Quakes, which is the team I play for in the Major League Soccer (MLS), I came to the MLS through my own contacts with the help of my agent but not through any team,” Waterman told the Daily News’ Sport Editor.

Paul Putt Hails Players' Professionalism

Paul Putt
By Omar Bah

Gambian- Belgian technician Paul Putt has hailed the professionalism style  of his players after his side registered a 3-0 victory against the  visiting side of  DR Congo in a friendly ,  on Wednesday at the independence stadium in Bakau.
After expressing his satisfaction with the way the scorpions played, coach Putt said,
 “The players are professionals and knows what it means  to qualify for the African Cup of Nations. All what  they need now  is support.”
“This win will motivate my players in their preparation towards their game against  Namibia,” said Putt.

Toubabou: Congo win, a Signal to Namibia

By Omar Bah

Mustapha Jarju (Toubabou), captain of The Gambia nationa team described their Wednesday 3-0 victory against the Democratic Republic of Congo at the independence  stadium as a signal to their upcoming African nations cup qualifiers against Namibia in  September.
The joyous captain told journalists that “we come to play for our country to win, which we did. Now our task is to make sure that we qualify for the upcoming African Cup of Nations in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.”
For Toubabou, the players are ready to do all it takes to win both Namibia and Burkina Faso to make their way to the African Cup of Nations for the first time in history, before reiterating his confident that that The  Gambia will make it to Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.
The scorpions’ display against Congo on Wednesday at the independence stadium in Bakau gave hope to fans.

Kinteh: Gambia Can Challenge Any Nation

Seedy Kinteh
By Alhagie Panneh
Looking at the recent brilliant performance by Gambian professional and home-based players, the country’s national team is ready to qualify for 2012 African Cup of nation to be played in Gabon and Equitoral Guinea, the president of the Gambia football Association Seedy Kinteh has said.
Seedy Kinteh was speaking to journalists on Wednesday at the independence stadium after the Gambia’s 3-0 victory against DR Congo as part of their preparations ahead of Namibia clash in September.
“The Gambia can challenge any team at any level despite low world ranking in FIFA,” said the GFA boos.

The Gambia Plays Good Test

By Mandu Sanneh

The Gambia national senior team, scorpions on Wednesday rode over their visitors, the Democratic Republic of Congo in a friendly match at the independence stadium in Bakau.
A brilliant 40 yard goal from Tijan Jaiteh in the 18 minutes of the first half put his side ahead.
Demba Savage doubled the lead for The Gambia in the 22 minutes of the game before the Zilina FC forward Momodou Ceesay alias Zico scored a spot kick to wrap up the goal scoring spree in the 72 minutes for The Gambia.       

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sam Loco-Efe Pass-away

NIGERIAN popular actor and comedian, Sam Loco-Efe is dead. Efe was found dead in his hotel room on Orlu Road, Owerri, capital of Imo State, on Sunday August 7. 
The Imo State Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Jingiri Abubakar, confirmed the death to journalists looking for clarification on the incident. He said the famous actor had been ill for sometime and had only come to the hotel to recuperate before continuing his entertainment business, before he suddenly died.
Abubakar said: “It is true. He died in Rapour Hotel in Owerri. We are in the process of going to mortuary now. We heard he had been sick for one week and he had just been discharged. He died last night. We will give you other details latter,” the police commissioner said.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Amadou Sanyang Seals Sounders Move

By Omar Bah

The former Real de Banjul and Toronto FC defensive Midfielder Amadou Sanyang have successfully sealed a move to Seattle Sounders football Club after a successful three week trial with the
Major League Soccer club.
The Gambian international defensive midfielder Sanyang have been in Sounders for the past three weeks working hard to prove himself to the club leading the official announcement of his signature on Monday.
Amadou Sanyang was part of the team that guided Real de Banjul to a championship crown of the GFA league in 2007 during his teen ages.
“I am excited to be here, the environment is fantastic and the fans are just amazing,” he told the officials website of the Club.

Gambia will make it Gabon and Equatorial Guinea-Kinteh

By Omar Bah

The president of the Gambia Football Association Seedy Kinteh have expressed that the Gambia senior team the scorpions will make to Equatorial Guinea and Gabon come 2012.
Speaking to the Daily News Sport at his GFA office in Kanifing Wednesday ahead of the friendly between the Gambia and Congo on August 10 2011 at the Independent stadium Kinteh said the Gambia have all it take to qualify for the first time in their football history despite been six points behind Burkina Faso but a game in hand Kinteh believe that the team is with a numbers of talent who can with no doubt inspired the team all the way Gabon and Equatorial Guinea come 2012.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Omar Jasseh to Know his Fate in 3 Weeks

By Abdoulie Nget

Gambian international Omar Jasseh alias Waterman will know the fate of his future in San Jose Earthquake in the Major League Soccer (MLS), as he expects to meet his coaching staff in two to three weeks to discuss his way about.
OmarJasseh, the former Real de Banjul player signed for the MLS club on April 14, 2010, when he was 17-year old but since then failed to make an impact. The Gambian appeared in only 5 games for the Quakes in one-and-a-half seasons, and failed to notch a goal or assist in his 89 total minutes of action. This season, Jasseh played the last 13 minutes of the 2-0 away loss at Chivas USA on July 6 and the second half of the West Bromwich Albion friendly on July 12.

Balla Gaye 2 Pins Down Tyson in 30 Sec

By Omar Jarju

The "Lion" of Guédiawaye Balla Gaye 2 on Sunday answered the question of who is to win after defeating the leader of Boul Faale, Mohamed Ndao Tyson in just thirty seconds at the Stade Demba Diop, Senegal in a wrestle that was named after Alhagie Mansour Mbye.
Balla who intended to bring down Tyson in 3 to 5 minutes made it easier than expected to register his 17th victory that marked Tyson’s 5th defeats, which analysts say may lead to his way out of the wrestling game (Lamb).
The combat was the final for the 2010 - 2011 wrestling season with Balla standing in a good position. Questions are being raised as to whether Tyson will continue to fight or should he quit after being disgraced.
The “Lion” Guédiawaye has definitely earned a venerable place in the arena now, after fulfilling his promise that Tyson will not stop him on his way of climbing to the roof of the Senegalese wrestling arena.

GFA’s First Division: Interior, Africell Relegated

By Mandu Sanneh 
Ebrima Manneh of Interior

The security boys, Interior and cellular giants, Africell FC have to play their prices by going to the second division after a poor performance in the Gambia Football Association’s 2010 - 2011 first division league campaign.
The two sides faced each other in an unfavorable game for both of them, which was the final fixture of the league at the Serrekunda West football pitch where Africell lost 2-1 to Interior, paving their way off the first division league.
Even though they won their relegated opponent, Interior FC had to fight for their way back to the Gambia’s top football flight next season.
The final day of the season seemed not so difficult and the relegation of the two teams pose a threat to Steve Biko as they were only looking for a point and they survived it after playing a goalless draw against Samger at the Father Gough Sports Complex in Manjai to save their position.

The Gambia (NOC) Delegation To The 38th Extra-Ordinary General Assembly & 30th Anniversary of The Associations of National Olympic Committee of Africa (ANOCA) Lome –Togo Returned

Momodou Dibba
The NOC delegation left the Banjul International Air Port on the 24th June 2011,t o Lome- Togo were all the 53 NOC’s in Africa were represented by their Presidents and Secretary Generals, Angola was not represented. Other distinguished guests from the Olympic families including the IOC, ANOC, Korea and Australia were in attendance
In the evening a reception and a gala dinner was hosted by the NOC of Togo. General Lassana Palenfo President of ANOCA, the Executive Board, Delegates, Dignitaries from the Olympic Movement,
Togolese Parliamentarians and eminent personalities from the public and private sector graced the occasion. Representatives of the Ministry of Sports from Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire were in attendance too.
It is befitting to mention Mr. Tommy Sithole representing the IOC President, Mr. Pere Miro of Olympic Solidarity and Mr. Lamin Diack President IAAF, IOC member and Dean of sports in Africa were duly recognized.

IOC invites world’s athlètes to compete at, London 2012

Mrs. Allen
According to the source from the International Olympic Committee , 2012 Olympic games would be different because of the preparation the host country is doing . With one year to go until the London 2012 Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) today officially invited the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) of the world and their athletes to attend the London Games.
IOC President Jacques Rogge formally invited the world’s NOCs during a public ceremony in London’s historic Trafalgar Square. In the presence of HRH the Princess Royal, British Prime Minister David Cameron,
Mayor of London Boris Johnson, IOC Coordination Commission Chairman Denis Oswald and London 2012 Chair Sebastian Coe, as well as thousands of members of the public, the IOC President symbolically presented a number of NOCs with their invitations.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Free Flow of Balanced Information Should Be Ensured at GFA

BB Baldeh
Now that The Gambia Football Association (GFA) has appointed a press officer after what had seemed to be eternity, there should be free and balanced flow of accurate and timely information to the public on matters relating to the governance of football in the country.
On Thursday …, 2011, Mr Bakary Baldeh, commonly known as BB, was engaged as the substantial holder for the position of press officer of The Gambia’s highest football governing body.
BB has a wealth of experience in sports journalism in The Gambia. Prior to this appointment, he was a key senior staff at West Coast, one of the most outstanding radio stations in the country.
There, BB carved a niche for himself as a prolific sports journalist and a leader, eventhough the circumstances that lead to his resignation are controversial.
He had resigned after he was cleared of charges of inciting violence when he hosted a sports programme at West Coast where he featured some disgruntle golf caddies, who were unhappy with the ‘unfair’ treatment accorded to them by the Gambia Golf Association during a sub-regional tournament held in Gambia some few months ago.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

El-Hadji Diouf given five-year Senegal ban

Blackburn Rovers' El-Hadji Diouf has been banned from all football-related activities in Senegal for five years.
The Senegalese Football Federation (FSF) slapped the ban on the forward after remarks he made in the media about corruption in African football.
An FSF statement read: "Diouf is banned from performing any football-related activity for a period of five years."

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FAWEGAM Encourage Girls’ Education

Mrs. Absatou
By Abdoulie Nget

In a bid to encourage girls’ education, The Forum for African Women Educationalist (FAWEGAM) on Monday started a five-day  unique mentoring program called “Take Our Daughters to Work 2011” at the Gambia Pastoral Institute (GPI) at Kairaba Avenue.
The program which attempts to combat obstacles facing girls’ education and encourage them to take their education seriously brought together 20 upper basic school girls across the country.

Tyson vs Balla Gaye: Who is to Win?

Tyson Vs Balla
By Omar Jarju

The much anticipated grand combat between the renamed famous American boxer Muhammed Ndao Tyson and Omar Sakho alias Balla Gaye 2 which is slated for July 31, 2011 to take place at the Stade Demba Diop in Dakar, Senegal is inching closer with fans hoping to see their star be the winner.
The elevator of Senegalese wrestling Tyson, 34 who was a king for series of years, defeating Muhamed Ali, Morr Fadam, Manga 2 and Mustapha Gueye and being overpowered by Bombarrde and Yekini, is to face the son of Dubbalese (Balla Gaye 2). Bala have succeeded in winning all his combats since the onset of his wrestling career but brought down by Ameu Sene of Boul Falle, a mentor of Tyson.

BB Baldeh, GFA’s new Media Officer

BB Baldeh
By Alhagie Panneh

Gambia Football Association (GFA) on Thursday appointed Bakary B. Baldeh, a former West Coast Radio’s studio Manager and sport presenter as media officer, a post which has for long been vacant.
There are hopes that complaints to access information from the GFA should now be a thing of the past as a journalist is been given the position to work hand and glove with FA, media and the general public to dispatch relevant and needed information on football.
Due to his experience in sport Journalism, especially football BB Baldeh was shortlisted alongside other candidates to see whom cap fits as the GFA Media Officer, but the Ex- West Coast man was proved the right man to handle the post.
Speaking to this paper, Mr Baldeh said the news came to him as a surprise as he was not expecting it. He sees the appointment as an honour by the Gambia’s supreme football body.

Who is Miss Bassin Andala Ceesay in Gambian Sports?

By Mamadi B Camara

Born in Banjul, Miss Bassin Andala Ceesay who made series of achievements with The Gambia Flag, attended Campama Primary and Crab Island Secondary Schools respectively, before making her way to be known in the sporting arena,  leading her to the 2011 GNOC sports hall of fame at the Jaliba hotal on the 7 May.
Ms Ceesay under the guardianship of renowned physical education teacher Mr. Cherno Touray in 1968 represented her School in the inter-secondary school basketball championship, in The Gambia.
As a result of her outstanding performances, she was selected in the national basketball team to represent The Gambia at the Senegalese youth week.