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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kebba Ceesay: ‘Go ahead Paul Putt’

By Mandu Sanneh

Despite the poor performance of the Gambia national football team under the leadership of Paul Put in the ongoing AFCON qualifiers, Kebba Ceesay, the technical director on behalf of the GFA said Paul will continue his job as a coach, after he Paul Put emphasized that he wants to move on.
In response to a question raised by a journalist, referring to a statement made by Seedy Kinteh, the president of GFA three years ago that: “the least we expect from Paul is for Gambia to qualify for AFCON 2012, if not he, Paul will go or the GFA go,” the technical director said he did not remember the president saying so, adding that it is beyond his position to comment about.

Addressing the journalist during a news conference at the GFA house on Monday, the technical director Kebba Ceesay said, said the national team of The Gambia belongs to GFA, managed by the coach Paul Putt and governed by the Ministry of Youths and Sports. Adding that this is football, good or bad but insisted that they are still trying for the first time to qualify to the nation’s cup.
With Gambia’s chance been hollowed, the questions is when are we going to qualify, after failing in what was called as easy and a fair group for The Gambia, by many including some GFA officials.

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