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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rain Suspends Juventus, Green Impact Game

By Alhagie Panneh

A heavy rain on Sunday afternoon forced the central referee to suspend the a Nawettan game between Juventus and Green Impact, after he fruitfully discussed with captains of both side in the 70th minutes of the game at the Serrekunda east playing grounds.
The first half ended in a goalless draw, come in the second half, the rain started amidst pitch filled with water and it was hard for players to control the ball.
After agreeing with the two captains, the referee easily stopped the game, resulting in unhappy faces from the Green Impact fans as they claimed to control the game and would win should there be no rain.
The match will be played again to an unfixed date but just the remaining 20 minutes according to officials.
The last match of the day was awaiting while Juventus and Green Impact locked horns, but unfortunately the referee’s late decision also have and impact on the awaiting match, which supposed to be SV-Laar vs Wales. But the match was also practically impossible for the day and it was postponed till further notice.

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