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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gambian Swimmers Shine in Dakar Swimming

By Omar Jarju Press Officer, in Dakar

Amadou Ndoye Diop of Yoff emerged as champion for the first time as three Gambian swimmers shined at the 28th edition of the Dakar-Goree Open Water Swimming competition held in Senegal on the 27th September 2015.
 Pap D. Jonga and Jegan Y. Jobe of Barra, and Momodou Lamin Saine of Bakau competed in the 4.5Km and successfully completed the race.

Barrow goes crystally clear

Swansea City winger Modou Barrow has refuted claims that he asked not to be included in Gambia’s World Cup qualifiers against Namibia because of Omar Jagne’s exclusion.

Rumours have been going that he refused to show up for Gambia-Namibia game for the simple reason that his close friend Omar Jange is not invited, which to Barrow is all false and fake. He was quick to react by saying that “I must say I am 100% disappointed with the claims that I rejected the call-ups because of my asking of the coach to include Omar Jagne or I will not come, it’s vital to note that all those stuffs are nothing but false and meant to tarnish my image.”