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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Barrow goes crystally clear

Swansea City winger Modou Barrow has refuted claims that he asked not to be included in Gambia’s World Cup qualifiers against Namibia because of Omar Jagne’s exclusion.

Rumours have been going that he refused to show up for Gambia-Namibia game for the simple reason that his close friend Omar Jange is not invited, which to Barrow is all false and fake. He was quick to react by saying that “I must say I am 100% disappointed with the claims that I rejected the call-ups because of my asking of the coach to include Omar Jagne or I will not come, it’s vital to note that all those stuffs are nothing but false and meant to tarnish my image.”

“I don’t have anything to make with regards to decisions about a player playing or not. Besides what I said was Omar Jagne is the only player to score since the coach came in, even I haven’t, and I think he should have been part of the coach’s squad as he brings a lot into the team as any other player but I never requested that he should be part of the team, be a starting player or I won’t come if he’s not. I am just a player and a professional who cannot make decisions for the coach on who and who not to play!”

“I remember a similar case happened to Ousman Jallow and Mustapha Carayol with the right reasons not given for their absences but that’s all past and gone and I believe Gambians will know the entire truth when the right time comes.”

“I decided to come and play for Gambia not because of the fame or being a ‘big name’, but because of the love I have for the country as I have family and friends still there. I had the option of playing for Sweden but I chose Gambia because of my people. I have played two competitive games and seen things that I think are not right.”

“But I took this decision of taking a break long time after my return to Swansea City from loan because I believe this is an important season for me in the Premier League and I want to make my mark with my team and do well after having the confidence from my manager and teammates and having minutes under my belt, work on getting into the starting eleven and hopefully score goals for the club.”

“I do not have a problem with anybody in The Gambia team. I do not even like talking about off-field issues but the truth will always be there for all to see. I hope this will be the end of the bad press about me and false claims to my not coming. What is more important to me is my performance with Swansea because without that, I will not even be considered for national team duties.”

“Finally, I want to wish the team all the best of luck against Namibia and I hope the players deliver and get us the desired results to qualify to the next round.”

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