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Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Week Slice: Will the Teachers Get Their Piece

By Abdoulie Nget

It was recently published that the week working days which starts from Monday to Friday is to be trimmed to four come February first, meaning Friday will be included in the weekend.
The trimming down of the week to four days is marking a big question as of whether the teachers too are to benefit from the less work package, as civil servants too.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Paul Putt Proves Gambia Wrong

By Abdoulie Nget
The Current Burkina Faso football coach, Paul Putt who struggled to qualify the Gambia to the African Cup of Nation for the first time in the country’s football history, have proved Gambia wrong by leading B. Faso to a victory against Ethiopia.
 Paul was sacked amidst failure to take Gambia through to AFCON, but now he demonstrates that the failure was not on his side… who knows who to blame, is it the Footballers, the Ministry or administrators, the answer will unveil itself in the near future.

Sang Mendy Lectures Journalism

Below is a commentary short of writing by Sang Mendy, Journalist working with the Gambia Press Union

Lately there’ve been lots of discussion both online and offline regarding our failures in sports. Finger pointing, accusations and counter accusations filled the airwaves. Some believed it is the administrators fault, others laid the blame on incompetent workforce while few put it down to infighting within sports officials- each trying to show what they know and can do.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sainabou Kujabi-Njie Nominated as AIPS Executive Member

By Abdoulie Nget

The president of Sport Journalists Association the Gambia, Sainobou Kujaby-Njie, who was elected by Gambian sport writers, has been nominated along 49 members from different countries in the world to be in the next AIPS executive.

The news of Sainabou's Nomination will surely be welcomed by Gambian sports writers, as their association member is boldly listed among the world.

NISA to host delegates from Senegal

The National Inter-departmental Sports Association (NISA) will finally host a 5-man delegation from Senegal for a championship dedicated for the working class.
The delegates, who are part of the Federation of the Senegalese Workers’ Sports, will be guest of their Gambian counterparts who are twice champions.
The guests are expected in Banjul on Thursday 24 January before the starting of the event on January 25.
It is The Gambia’s turn to host event of this magnitude, and this time for three days.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Journalist John Heaves a Sigh of Relief, But...

Press freedom continues to elude journalists in Gambia. Currently under fire is Mr Abdoulie John, a stringer with the US-based Associated Press (AP) news agency. More than one month today, John who doubles as an editor of a Gambian online news agency, JollofNews, is still battling for his freedom.
From Dec.9, 2012 to date, the journalist had been arrested and detained on two separate occasions by the country's intelligence agency, NIA. Interestingly, all this while, he is yet to know his crime, if any.
“I did nothing wrong," he says with a unique emphasis. "It is sad to know that such things are happening in a country that is supposed to operate democratically. This is part of harassment and intimidation by the state to deny independent journalists to operate freely."