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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sainabou Kujabi-Njie Nominated as AIPS Executive Member

By Abdoulie Nget

The president of Sport Journalists Association the Gambia, Sainobou Kujaby-Njie, who was elected by Gambian sport writers, has been nominated along 49 members from different countries in the world to be in the next AIPS executive.

The news of Sainabou's Nomination will surely be welcomed by Gambian sports writers, as their association member is boldly listed among the world.

The list of Fifty-five (55) nominations has been received for twenty (20) positions on the AIPS Executive Committee for the period 2013 – 2017, as published on AIPS website.

The election will be conducted on April 17 during the 76th annual AIPS Congress in Sochi from April 15 - 19, 2013.

An election commission of AIPS Treasurer and Bureau member Mr Jorge Ribeiro (who will not stand for re-election), President of the Luxembourg Association Mr Petz Lahure, and President of the Swedish Association Svenska Sportjournalist Forbundet (SSF), Mr Mats Taxen reviewed all nominations together with the Secretary General.

No proposals were received for consideration at the congress.

PRESIDENT  (1 P)                     Merlo  Giovanni                       Italy            

FIRST VICE PRESIDENT    (1 P)   Yilmaer Esat                         Turkey

TREASURER (1 P)                       Dobor Dezso*                      Hungary       
                                                Kuhn Michael*                    Austria
                                                Zandi Manoucher*               Iran             

VICE PRESIDENT (4 P)                    Al Malki Mohammed*          Qatar
                                                Dattoli Vicente*                     Brazil
                                                Dolgopolov Nikolai*               Russia
                                                El Hacen Mohamed    *         Mauritania
                                                Garcia Salguero Raul*           Mexico   
                                                Janusonyte-Steinhoff  Laima*   Lithuania       
                                                Mahmudzade Nargiz*            Azerbaijan    
                                                Malik Amjad Aziz*                Pakistan       
                                                Montesinos Delvaty Enrique* Cuba            
                                                Obi Mitchell*                       Nigeria
                                                Ortiz Gomez Ernesto*           Uruguay       
                                                Ozmec Jura*                       Croatia         
                                                Vernikos Konstantinos*         Greece         
                                                Zandi Manoucher*                Iran                  
                                                Zhang Haifeng*                   China           

MEMBERS (13 P)                           Abrahmson Alan               USA                  
                                                Al Malki Mohammed*          Qatar           
                                                Avalos Ruiz Moises Francisco          Nicaragua     
                                                Bin Hussain Abdulla Ibrahim  UAE             
                                                Bouzrara Jalal                    Morocco       
                                                Castellanos Rincon Carlos J   Colombia      
                                                Dattoli Vicente*                           Brazil           
                                                Dobor Dezso*                    Hungary       
                                                Dolgopolov Nikolai*                      Russia
                                                El Hacen Mohamed*            Mauritania     
                                                Fantaneanu Emanuel                    Romania       
                                                Garcia Salguero Raul*                   Mexico
                                                Jakobsche Jerzy                          Poland
                                                Janusonyte-Steinhoff Laima*         Lithuania       
                                                Jung Hee Dong                            Korea          
                                                Kuhn Michael*                    Austria
                                                Kujabi-Njie Sainabou           Gambia        
                                                Loiseau Maurice                           Belgium        
                                                Mahmudzade Nargiz*          Azerbaijan    
                                                Malik Amjad Aziz*                        Pakistan       
                                                Montesinos Delvaty Enrique* Cuba            
                                                Newcombe Barry                         Great Britain 
                                                Nurnberg Fernando                      Bolivia          
                                                Obi Mitchell*                                Nigeria         
                                                Ortiz Gomez Ernesto*                   Uruguay       
                                                Otgonbaatar Chultem          Mongolia       
                                                Ozmec Jura*                               Croatia         
                                                Samnick Gustave Emanuel             Cameroon     
                                                Savart Jean Paul                          France
                                                Takeuchi Hiroshi                           Japan           
                                                Torino Cristian                            Argentina      
                                                Vernikos Konstantinos*                 Greece         
                                                Watta Evelyn                               Kenya          
                                                Zhang Haifeng*                           China           
                                                Zidar Joze                                  Slovenia       
 *Candidates for two different positions on the Executive Committee


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