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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ministry of Health receives donation of medical equipment

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare on Tuesday received donations of medical equipment to boost the national health system for effective and affordable delivery of health services to Gambians.
The items were donated by United Nations Development Programme in Japan, the United Nations office in The Gambia and partners from China during a ceremony at the premises of the Department of Health Promotion in Kotu.
The medical supplies include a microscope, tubes, chairs, fridges, motorcycles, laptop and desktop computers and others.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Opinion: Opportunity knocks but once, is this true in Brufut’s case?

The saying, “opportunity comes but once,” might not be applicable in Brufut’s case because two opportunities came and went yet a third opportunity comes knocking at their doors again. But will Brufutarians allow this third opportunity to slip through their hands just like the earlier two did years ago? This is a question every native of Brufut especially the elders must ponder about with lots of reflection to what the future holds for youth and sports development for the coastal village because posterity will judge everyone within that village for what role they played.