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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Balla Gaye 2 Pins Down Tyson in 30 Sec

By Omar Jarju

The "Lion" of Guédiawaye Balla Gaye 2 on Sunday answered the question of who is to win after defeating the leader of Boul Faale, Mohamed Ndao Tyson in just thirty seconds at the Stade Demba Diop, Senegal in a wrestle that was named after Alhagie Mansour Mbye.
Balla who intended to bring down Tyson in 3 to 5 minutes made it easier than expected to register his 17th victory that marked Tyson’s 5th defeats, which analysts say may lead to his way out of the wrestling game (Lamb).
The combat was the final for the 2010 - 2011 wrestling season with Balla standing in a good position. Questions are being raised as to whether Tyson will continue to fight or should he quit after being disgraced.
The “Lion” Guédiawaye has definitely earned a venerable place in the arena now, after fulfilling his promise that Tyson will not stop him on his way of climbing to the roof of the Senegalese wrestling arena.
The defeat emerged as Tyson’s second since his return to the arena in 2009 after he quitted. In April 2010, he lost to Yekini and in 2011 he lost against Balla Gaye 2 who lost two out of nineteen combats since the onset of his wrestling career.
Questioned by RFM, if he is ready to face Yekini, Balla said he left that to his management to decide what to do. 
Staff and a wrestle Commentator of the 2S TV, Bécaye Mbaye a supporter of "the wonder boy,” Balla, described him as a strong and fearless wrestler to win an opponent like Tyson in half a minute.
For Max Mbregane, The technical director of ‘Lansar’ wrestling school, "Balla is the real Boul Faale (don’t care) as he fears no one. For him, he is the answer, so he has no problem. He believes in himself and he is mentally experience.”
The Daily News Sports is yet to confirm, but were made to know that a young boy wearing a T-Shirt bearing Balla Gaye 2 was stabbed to death following the combat. The boy was not identified but the body was referred to Le Dantec Aristide hospital. According to Le Populaire, a Senegalese newspaper the boy was killed because of the T-Shirt he wore.

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