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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Gambia (NOC) Delegation To The 38th Extra-Ordinary General Assembly & 30th Anniversary of The Associations of National Olympic Committee of Africa (ANOCA) Lome –Togo Returned

Momodou Dibba
The NOC delegation left the Banjul International Air Port on the 24th June 2011,t o Lome- Togo were all the 53 NOC’s in Africa were represented by their Presidents and Secretary Generals, Angola was not represented. Other distinguished guests from the Olympic families including the IOC, ANOC, Korea and Australia were in attendance
In the evening a reception and a gala dinner was hosted by the NOC of Togo. General Lassana Palenfo President of ANOCA, the Executive Board, Delegates, Dignitaries from the Olympic Movement,
Togolese Parliamentarians and eminent personalities from the public and private sector graced the occasion. Representatives of the Ministry of Sports from Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire were in attendance too.
It is befitting to mention Mr. Tommy Sithole representing the IOC President, Mr. Pere Miro of Olympic Solidarity and Mr. Lamin Diack President IAAF, IOC member and Dean of sports in Africa were duly recognized.
Representatives of the World Olympians Association were given a rousing welcome. The occasion gave me the opportunity to introduce myself as the new President of the GNOC and was well received as member of the Olympic family.
It was an   opportunity for me, and this led to later discussions with President Palenfo of ANOCA, Pere Miro of Olympic Solidarity, Jerome Poivey of IOC/ NOC Relations Department, Mr.
Lamin Diack President IAAF, The Delegations of the 52 NOC’s in Africa, the LOGOG Africa Team for the London 2012 Olympics including the Australian Commonwealth Games 2018 bid team.
The Meeting in Lome was timely, as it has given me the opportunity to have met so many influential people in the Olympic Movement especially in Africa. Kipchoge Keino the long distance athlete,
sport legend, the pioneer and President of NOC Kenya are a fine personality to meet and to hog and to discuss with world sports especially Athletics.

The President of the National Olympic Committee of Togo General Nabede Poutoyi thanked ANOCA through its indefatigable leader, General Lassana Palenfo and his Executive Board for allowing Togo to host this historic event.
He reminded the gathering of Mario Vazquez Rana President of the Mexican National Olympic Committee and President of the Associations of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) and Juan Antonio Samaranch former President of IOC together established ANOCA on the 28th of June 1981 in Lome- Togo.
He renewed the sincere gratitude of the Togolese People to ANOCA and the Olympic Family. Mr Poutoyi remarks that sports would attain excellence through the building of capacities.
He praised the work being done by ANOCA with the support and collaboration of the IOC, ANOC and National Olympic Committees in Africa and finally wishes everyone a happy 30th anniversary celebration.
The President of ANOCA General Lassana Palenfo mounted the podium and first urges the gathering to stood up for a minute silence in honor of those sports men and women who devoted their lives promoting sports development in Africa and the World for the betterment of humanity.
President Palenfo paid tribute to the late Anani Mathia and the late General Nyangweso former Presidents of ANOCA and all those who passed away.

President Palenfo expressed optimism about the future of this Continental body with the support from IOC, ANOC, the NOC’s in Africa and other partners in the development of sports as it celebrate its 30th anniversary of existence. President Palenfo emphasized the promotion of the fundamental principles and values of Olympism.
He thanked the Government of Togo and the National Olympic Committee under the leadership of Mr. Nabede Poutoyi, for accepting to host the 38th extra- ordinary general assembly and the 30th anniversary respectively.
President Palenfo was touched by the record attendance of NOC’s in that 52 of member’s states were in Lome for the General assembly and the 30th anniversary celebration (only Congo) was absent.
President palenfo remembered the late Anani Mathia alongside Rana and Samaranch with their involvement, a Pan- Olympic African Institution for sports, youth, human development and the promotion of the Olympic values,
ANOCA was born. Since then ANOCA has structured 53 NOC’s and each has its own Olympic Committee. Regional Zones have been set up and with the help of sports key players now developed numerous initiatives that aim to encourage young people to take part in sports and above all to promote the Olympic values.
President Palenfo thanked members of his Executive Board for the tireless effort it took to making the 30th anniversary celebration a reality.

Mr. Sithole representing IOC President Jacques Rogge thanked the gathering and apologized on behalf of the President for not being able to attend the meeting and anniversary celebration due to other official engagements. However,
Mr Sithole relayed a recorded video message from the president himself saying that the 30th anniversary of ANOCA is an ideal opportunity for us all to remember the memorable work done by the Association since 1981.
He thanked ANOCA for the remarkable work now that 53 Countries have their National Olympic Committee. President Rogge continued to say Athletes and decision makers can communicate better and given rise to the promotion of the Olympics in Africa.
The main mission of the Olympic Movement is to contribute to the construction of a better World through sports. ANOCA fully understood the mission and share the belief that sports and the Olympic values can have a positive impact upon society, the IOC President asserted.
He further stated that African Countries understood that the Olympic values of respect, fair play, excellence and pleasure through effort should not be limited to the World of sports but should be applied in all aspects of life.
President Rogge finally thanked ANOCA for the exceptional work it has done and NOC’s for the unconditional and unflinching support to the Olympic Movement and wish everybody fruitful and happy celebrations the President concluded.


-          Presentation on All Africa Games 2011
-          Presentation by London 2012.
-          Presentation on Africa Olympic Village-London 2012.
The presentation of the games 2011 was done by ANOCA and focuses on the history of the games past and present. Pierre de Couberton founder of the Olympic Games of the modern era first voiced the idea of Continental games for Africa.
The first all Africa games were held in Brazzaville (Congo) in1965 first games of Independent Africa officially recognized by the IOC.
Despite the difficulties over the years, the All Africa Games have established itself as the Continent’s most important Olympic Sports event. Over the years four sporting giants have shared the majority of the medals at the all Africa Games: Egypt, South Africa,
Nigeria and Tunisia but in recent years, other Countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania and Cameroun have started to sign at the highest levels.
The 9th All Africa Games held in Algiers in 2007 were a success on both organizational and a sporting level with 52 African Nations in attendance.
ANOCA praised the African Nations in the Continent and Regional Zones for upholding to the virtues of the sport and their participation in All Africa events. The next All Africa Games are to be held in MAPUTO-MOZAMBIQUE in September 2011.
The presentation of the Gold Coast bid for the 2018 commonwealth Games were presented by Mike Stockwell Chairman of the Bid Team accompanied by Perry Crosswhite CEO of The Australian Commonwealth Games Association and Melissa Price- Manager Bid Operations.
A Video presentation gave an overview of the Gold Coast City in Broad Beach Australia and its strong multi-cultural population that will provide a friendly welcome to the Athletes and Officials together with their Friends and Families.
A City destined with something for everyone. Mr. Stockwell pointed out that The Commonwealth Games does not work without Africa in a friendly atmosphere and compact environment.
The Gold Coast Bid Team was confident in their own words, they have the technical knowhow, the ability and competence to deliver and represent the very best Australians has to offer come 2018 Commonwealth Games.The innovative City, the Bid Team further stated has met the minimum standard required to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games when the Evaluation Mission of the CGF visited the City last month. The Gold Coast they said has the shared values, aspirations and shared future for the Commonealth of Nations.
The Bid Team, in a very reassuring mood, congratulated ANOCA for celebrating 30 years of existence and finally invited the African Delegation to visit the Gold Coast in the 1st week of July to make its own assessment of the venues for the Commonwealth Games bid 2018 by the Gold Coast Australia
My first official mission as President of GNOC is worthwhile and beneficial. The opportunity to interact with my colleagues in the Olympic Movement particular those in Africa is a rare privilege and re-enforces my conviction to work in unison in order to fulfill the overall objectives of sports and its development aspirations within and outside the Olympic Movement.
The ANOCA General Assembly and 30th Anniversary Celebrations were successful and very rewarding. My meetings with the President of ANOCA, The IOC Representatives, The President of IAAF, The LOGOG Africa Team, The Gold Coast Bid Team and most if not all the NOC delegates were acknowledged. The genuine, mutual understanding and respect emanating from our discussions is indeed satisfying. VISIT TO THE GOLD COAST BID CITY FOR

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