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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Waterman- “Let the Media Stop linking me to Real de Banjul”

By Abdoulie Nget

Omar Jasseh alias Waterman expressed his unhappiness with the way the Gambian media houses are linking his name Real de Banjul a team in the Gambia first division league.

Speaking to the Daily News Sports Waterman said “I am not happy with the way you the Gambian media attach my name to Real de Banjul, every time I read a story related to me on the papers, I see the former Real de Banjul player and I have nothing to do with them.” He further noted that he never told anybody that he was a Real player.

 “I never played for real de Banjul and they have no hands in my move San Jose Earth Quakes, which is the team I play for in the Major League Soccer (MLS), I came to the MLS through my own contacts with the help of my agent but not through any team,” Waterman told the Daily News’ Sport Editor.
He said he joined the MLS when he was 17 years and he would not have played in the competition until he turns 18 if he was sold by any team. 
“I can say I was a Samger player, though, they do not sell me here but is the team I played for before coming to the MLS.”Waterman Clarified.

“I always feels crazy when I see Waterman, the former Real de Banjul player on the local base papers in The Gambia and I hope you the media will understand that now and stop attaching my name to Real because I was not their player.” he warn.

Waterman is yet to know his fate over his Earth Quakes future, but confessed earlier on to this paper that he is not happy with life in the MLS and wants a move to the Premiere Ship.

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