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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Father Gough Complex Upgraded

By: Mamadi B. Camara

The Secretary-General of Manjai Kunda Sport Development Committee Lamin Jumu told The Daily News Sports during an interview on Friday October 8, 2011 that he and his teams are now happy with the condition of the Father Gough football complex, describing it as another step forward in their history.

Jumu stated that the complex can now be compared with other zones of the country saying that the condition of the pitch is improved.
After hailing the rehabilitated Complex, Jumu talked about the young talents competing in the Manjai Kunda Nawettan, saying that “we now have many young talented players who are indeed doing their best to promote the game of football in the zone.’’

He also described the 2011/2012 Nawettan as a unique one due to the large turnout of fans, adding that this year’s Nawettan is one of the best as it  is more competitive compare to previous years.

Jumu’s worry was that the Nawettan favorite teams are not winning their games, meaning there are no underdogs in the competition.
He lauded QCell for sponsoring the league noting that we will continue to partner with the cellular company in the promotion of sports not only in Manjai but the Gambia at large. “The donation of a huge amount of money to the committee shows that the company is here to help Gambian people,” Jamu said.

He then stated that the committee is still soliciting for sponsorship for the knockout from any institution, as the committee is not financially strong.

The league winners according to him will receive D35, 000, runners-up will have D25, 000, whilst the knockout champs will also be given D25, 000 and the runners-up will go home with D20, 000.

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