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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Musa Manneh Backtracks on GAA Presidency

Musa Manneh
By Mandu Sanneh
Musa Manneh, a member of the Gambia Athletics Association (GAA), who had recently declared his intention to run for GAA presidency, has made a sudden U-turn on Sunday.
“I hereby announce that I am withdrawing my candidacy decorously and refrain myself from its ramifications,” Mr Manneh, who currently serves as the sports manager for Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) told The Daily News sports.
Mr Manneh had promised to sanitise the operations of the GAA - ensure transparency and equity, but in his own words, the current secretary general, who he had planned to run against, is the right man for GAA presidency.
“I have come to realise that the Secretary General, Alh Dodou J. Joof has single-highhandedly and manfully strived to bring big and beneficial developmental projects such as the overhauling of the Independence Stadium running tracks into a modern one which is about to commence by international experts,” he said.
Adding that the present Executive has a concrete and tenable plan of action for the coming years to modernising, decentralising and capacitatating the entire Association and the athletes to be at par with notable African countries, Manneh said Mr Joof’s plans are more tenable than his own.
After backtracking, he urged the GAA membership to rally behind Alh Dodou Capi Joof who, he said, desires to catapult Gambian athletics to the highest international arena.
He then apologised to Capi and the entire Executive members and any other person who in one way or the other felt offended for his actions and prayed that the Almighty Allah crowns all the efforts of the Association and the committee members to success.

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