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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Makumba Kanyi Asked to Make Up His Mind

By Omar Bah
Macoumba Kandji

The Gambia national team has been boosted by Seriff Kanyi’s overwhelming remarks on West Coast Radio asking Ma Kumba Kanyi to play for the country of his choice, after the player revealed earlier that he want to play for the Gambia.
Makumba, a Senegalese by birth and currently playing his professional football in the MLS Major Soccer league in America has been a long time target for the Gambian tactician Pull Putt and his country of birth Senegal.
Though yet to play, the player opted to represent the Gambia, but Senegal is also following the young star. Makunba’s Senegalese father, Serif Kanyi said the player is now to make up his mind and decide which country he will play for.
Born of a Gambian mother and a Senegalese father, Makumba Kanyi is hoping to play for The Gambia in the near future, his father’s advice could not come at a better time for him to make a decision once and for all.
According to the father, Kanyi is entitled to play for any of the two countries, whichever he opted to play for and will not be under any pressure. 
‘‘I am Makumba Kanyi’s father and I am a Senegalese, but his mother is a Gambian, so I cannot deny from playing for the Gambia if he wish to,’’ he said.
‘‘He will not be under any pressure to play for either Senegal or the Gambia. I talked to him the last time about it, but I told him to decide. He is injured for now but if he is fit, then he will make a choice.”

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