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Sunday, December 5, 2010

New US Ambassador Speaks to Journalists

Patricia White

By Abdoulie Nget
Shortly after being introduced as the new US Ambassador to the Gambia replacing Mr. Barry L. Wells, Mrs. Patricia White in her first press conference with Gambia journalist on Wednesday at the American Conner located at the Comium Building, said she is to focus on listening to what the Gambian people have to say.
Ambassador White who first served as a Peace Corp volunteer in Africa said she is acquainted with Africa and know how they operate as she was in Liberia for several years.
She said Gambia have been in cordial relation with the United States. She expressed her willingness to strengthen it and continue the good work that have been started, noting that the Gambian leader President Jammeh told her in her visit that the Gambia has and will always welcome the US and its people.
Ambassador White said she will be concentrating on women groups, youths and girl education but have to first listen to what they will say and how they operate, adding that she will also be conducting a tour across the country to see the country side.
She said she will focus on how to improve the standard of women groups, right-based issues and democracy. She vowed to make sure that The Gambia understands the US, its people and how they operate.
She further went on to say that there is thousands of US Dollar grants invested in the country and she will be inspecting them to see how they are utilized.
Ambassador White stated that The Gambia has been enjoying a lot in the areas of training for their military and police officers from by the US, noting that there are still plane to increase in that areas, singling out girl’s education as her area of interest.

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