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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

KG5 D9.6 Million Artificial Turf on Completion

By Abdoulie Nget 
According to the Secretary General of Banjul Sports committee Ebou Faye, the D9.6 Million dalasi laying of the artificial turf at the Banjul mini stadium (KG5) is expected to finish very soon and when completed it will be the most standard and quality football ground in the country equipped with the latest artificial turf playing surface.

The project, Faye said is in line with their development objectives to ensure that the capital city (Banjul) is equipped with a modern mini stadium that would give the youths the opportunity to develop themselves. He said the investment can be recovered as the project is financially viable and socially relevant.

“As such, we are appealing to all Banjulians and business people to work with us and invest in such a worthy project that will make the youths concentrate on sports rather than drugs, delinquency and taking the rough seas to Europe”, Ebou Faye added.

He went on to say that the second phase of the project is to develop pavilions with 10, 000 seating capacity with offices, shops and a multipurpose hall costing D35 Million. The multi-purpose hall according to him will be for both Basketball and Volleyball together with other community base activities on the one side, Blanc Street, and on the other side, Cotton Street, offices, whilst Hagan Street will have shops underneath for economic activities and enable the mini stadium to be sustainable.

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