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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ball Conge Dedicate Knock-Out Trophy to late Perr Sanyang

Ball Conge after emerging as the Serrekunda east knock-out champion as they defeat SV Laar of Tallinding by a goal to nil at the Serrekunda east playing ground on Friday named the trophy after their late prominent player Perr Sanyang who passed away recently.
Ousman Touray’s 8th minute goal was enough to pave Ball conge’s way of lifting the glittering trophy of the Serrekunda east knock out competition with a cash price of fifteen thousand Dalasis (D15,000) while SV Laar receives ten thousand Dalasis (D10,000) as runner up.
Speaking to reporters after receiving the trophy, the head coach of Ball Conge Papa Sarr Corr said his boys did what he told them  to do on  the pitch which was to score and that what exactly they did and he congratulated tem for that.
“The win is good and will boast the team in winning more trophies, for this trophy we dedicate it to our late prominent player Perr Sanyang whose death was tragic to the whole team. His father is still supporting the team and even some of my players cry when they see his as he reminded them the late Perr.” Corr Said.
“We will never forget him which is why his picture was printed on our T-shirts during the final, the team’s flank left is still affected by Perr’s absent meaning I have to look for a player to save the position.” He added.
Musa Colley, the team’s Sectary General fired all the good words he have just to say Perr was a good and important player to the team saying his absent left a loophole in the team’s left flank, as Peer Sanyang was a hero in that position with his goals creations, which is why they have nothing to do but to name the trophy after him.
The dignitaries present during the final were honorable Mr. O.B Conateh, National Member for Sere Kunda East Tombo Jatta, Senior Manager Gamcel Mustapha Ceesay and GFA’s Sectary general Jammeh E.K Bojang.

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