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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hampstead hall (Birmingham) Donates Sports equipment to Abuko

Hampstead hall Birmingham, an academy of young people under the leadership of Peter Evans along with the head coach Gary Cartwright and 11 students donated 5 sets of jerseys, 30 footballs in addition to knee guards, keeper’s gloves and socks to the young youths of Abuko on Saturday at a presentation ceremony held at the Nursery school in Abuko.
Abdou Rahman Bah
Cordinator of Abuko Football Academy
This good gesture came following the building of a Nursery school by Peter and his team and named after Hampstead Hall. Later these philanthropists felt to extend their support in sport to the youths of that area courtesy of an ambitious citizen of Abuko, Abdurrahman Bah, known to many as Abulay who is also a football fan, who met these people and learned that they are much interested in sport.
Speaking at a press briefing the head of delegation from Birmingham Peter Evans expressed delight and happiness to the people of Abuko being the watch dog of their initiative, the nursery school.
"These materials donated to the people of Abuko will help children showcase their talent more so football in the Gambia as they are also contributing their quarter in this area to see that football in the Gambia reaches higher levels," he said. He also added that if the materials are properly managed they can serve them for a long time, he concluded.
Gary Cartwright, the head coach, also told journalists that they only want to see sports in Abuko very competitive to other regions around the Gambia and also went further to reveal how much it cost them to gather the materials and the shipment. He said that only the balls cost almost 200 pounds and wasn’t easy at all. According to him the student also helped in the parking of the container and the shipment he concluded.
Abdurrahman Bah, Alias Abulay, cordinator of Abuko football Academy expressed appreciation and profound gratitude to the philanthropists on behalf of the youths of Abuko. He said he was delighted to know that these people have interest in sports. They joined hands to first build the nursery school as well investing in sports.
According to Abulay, these materials will help the Abuko People to develop skills and talents as they have a lot of talented players in Abuko with some of them playing for the national team. He finally vowed to guarantee the safety of the materials.

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