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Thursday, May 12, 2011

GFA Official Insults, Attempts to Physically Assault Journalist

Babou Carr Camara

Sanna Bojang, a kits manager of The Gambia’s Scorpions has insulted and attempted to physically assault Babucarr Camara of 
The incident came during a match between Samger and Steve Biko at Serrekunda East mini stadium on Sunday when Lamin Sarjo doubled the score for Samger.
“It all started when Lamin Sarjo Samateh scored the second goal for the Cherno Samba Academy outfit towards the end of the game that condemned Biko to a fifth defeat in ten games,” journalist Babacarr Camara told The Daily News.
As Samateh scored that goal, he said, he took out his camera to make some shots of the celebration scene. But to his surprise, he added, a handful of girls who are Biko supporters directed all sorts of abusive words against him.
“These girls were still insulting me and the journalists as I was rushing for a post-match interview and that was the time I took out my camera again to snap them, but all of a sudden, Sana Bojang came out from nowhere, called me by my name and started insulting me as to why I took pictures of them,” said sport journalist Camara.
He said he then asked Sana if he was the one he was insulting and he replied in the affirmative. “Then I told him to respect himself for he is an elder, but he kept on insulting me.” He said Sanna Bojang attempted to assault him physically but was taken away by some people. “That was when I proceeded with my interview.”
He expressed disappointment that Bojang didn’t show any of those. He stated that what makes the incident even more appalling was Sanna being an elder acting in that manner.
He added that Bojang harassed him in front of his bosses, Lamin King Kolley the second vice president of the FA, Kemo Ceesay and Mustapha Kebbeh both Steve Biko officials.
 “Well it is frustrating isn’t it? But if the players who did the hard work on the field can hold their emotions, why not a mere fan,” he wondered. He said it was one of Biko players, Papa Salifu Badjie who was asking him to forget about Sana.
 “Well one thing that I would like the Gambians to know is that we are not enemies and I wonder what I would gain in praying for Biko’s downfall,” he said adding that Sana and the Biko girls’ actions shouldn’t be accepted by the organisers of the competition.
He said it is now time that journalists are shown just an iota of respect and I am truly grateful that all these happened in front of Sana Bojang’s boss Lamin King Kolley who is also the head of the organising committee.
“And for knowing him as a reasonable person and disciplinarian, I believed he will be able to do something about it,” said the disappointed sport journalist.

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