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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

4 Brothers Play for Real de Banjul

Ousman Manneh
By Mamadi B Camara

Real De Banjul seemed to be a perfect club for the Manneh family as four have play their part in the club as players.
Ousman Manneh alias old boy is the fourth among his brothers who have been groomed by the club [Real de Banjul] as players within the Manneh Kunda family. Jerreh, Musa, Abdou Karim and Ousman Manneh, from the same family and of the same mother have all played for the Banjul club.
Though Jerreh, Musa and Abdou Karim Manneh have traveled out of the country, with their brother Ousman still playing for Real, the Manneh Kunda family cannot be spared in the club’s history.
Ousman Manneh, a former Jang Jang and Nguma FC player [both Nawettan teams] who plays in both midfield and winger joint Real de Banjul three years ago, started playing football in the streets during his younger age.
“I liked the club because three of my brothers Jerreh, Musa, and Abdou Karim Manneh have played for them,” Said Ousman.
“I started supporting that team since when I was a kid when my brothers use to take me to their training camps, this motivated me wanting to one day play for them,” he added.
On a brief account of his personal life, Ousman said he was encouraged by his father to be a player, saying, “My father would sometimes wake me up and say are you not going for training today, which meant he really want me to play the football.”
He also said he is aiming to be a professional player one day in his football career, saying he is inspired by Christino Ronaldo of Real Madrid.

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