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Thursday, November 11, 2010

SKI holds Second black belt examination

Gambia Shotokan Karate –Do International Association recently held a black belt examination at the Bakau Community Center by SKI- Gambia branch and eighteen students, including a female participant. This examination is the second of its kind since 2004.
According to Muhammed Danso the Technical Director, it is six years since another black belt examination was held, this he noted was because his house was not put in order and there were lots of amendments by the International Federation in Japan and also the seriousness he saw in the senior Brown Belts.
When ask if all the 18 Students will pass, he said that in every exam, there will be failures. “Besides, this is just a matter of getting points. If your points are not met, one can work towards completing them in another exam. The exams was purely a technical exams and the awarding ceremony will soon take place where the Whole Gambia will see their fellow brothers and sisters receiving one of their most important life time achievements that they have been pursuing for ages.”
The grading, Danso noted, is a promotional test that assesses students that are pursuing their belt. The regulations also provide the procedures of carrying out all level of tests in accordance with the with the SKIAF (Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation) standards in Japan, which is aimed at spreading the rationalized SKI techniques and standardizing its practice in The Gambia.
The exam was conducted to keep the high spirit of sportsmanship in the young Karate Practitioners that have spent years of training.
The examination was attended by the Senior Master of The Gambia Shotokan Karate-Do International Association and facilitated by Senior Instructors of the Association.

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