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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Foroyaa Reporter Laid To Rest

By Saikou Jammeh
Foroyaa newspaper sports editor late Lamin A Darboe who met his untimely death under controversial circumstances on Saturday 20th November, was gently laid to rest Monday at Old Jeshwang cemetery.

Returning to Kombo from his home village, Bakindik, North Bank region, where he joined his family and friends to celebrate the Tobaski feast, Mr Lamin Darboe fell-off from a Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) Ferry bound for Banjul, with his vehicle into the river. He drowned and the dead body was only recovered the following day – Sunday.
Eye witnesses say Lamin had cried for help as he resurfaced two times after felling-off into the water, but there was no rescue attempt made by authorities to save his life.
However, Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) says the accident might result from a break failure.
But given the controversial circumstances under which Lamin died, family members said they will pursue the matter to ensuring justice is met.
Foroyaa newspaper also urged authorities to make Corona’s Inquest into the cause of Lamin’s death.

Meanwhile the journalist cum teacher has been described as disciplined, righteous, hardworking and generous young-man by family members, colleagues and other relatives.
“He has built an Islalmic School with the aid of philanthropist [in Bakindiki village] where over 300 pupils are attending Quranic lessons,” elders from the village confirmed.
His co-workers at Foroyaa newspaper and colleague journalist from other newspapers also described him as a generous, honest and hardworking mate.
“We have just held our elections and Lamin has been elected our treasure,” Pa Modou Faal, an acting Editor-in-Chief of independent Point Newspaper, also auditor, Sports Journalists Association (SJAG) said.

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