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Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Gambia: President Jammeh promises to revamp economy in 2016

After two weeks of speculations as to why President Yahya Jammeh failed to turn-up at the National Assembly to deliver his traditional State Opening of Parliament, the date first set for his traditional, he finally addressed the nation on Thursday with promises to revamp the ailing Gambian economy.
In addressing the economic situation of the country, Jammeh said the year 2016 will perform much better than 2015, adding that economic growth will be mainly activated to revamp both the agriculture and tourism sectors following the delayed rainfall and the Ebola crisis.
He said the economy is anticipated to grow by 4.7% in 2016 compared to 0.9% in 2014. He adds that the government will continue to pursue its objective to accelerate growth and create more employment opportunities through the program of accelerated growth and employment which he said is in its final year of implementation.
To continue the broad objective of the program, he said a successor program will be launched early in 2017 to consolidate poverty eradication through economic growth and creation of job opportunities. He said his government will also indigenize the Sustainable Development Goals as well as the ten year implementation plan for the African Union Agenda 2016.
“In the area of micro-economic management, we will continue to collaborate with the relevant stakeholders to assess the state of the economy on a regular basis and to implement a financial and economic management system that will facilitate business transaction and trade in regards to the Ministry of Finance formulated Payment System Bill and the Bank Financial Institution Bill, both of which will be submitted to the National Assembly during the 2016 legislative year for enactment,” he assured.
President Jammeh also said agriculture will be strengthened, and his government will continue to entice the youths to remain in the country for the betterment of their lives, rather that venturing on the perilous journey to Europe.
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