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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Spanish donors doles out lenses to GFD

Javier De La Morena and Karmen Louzao, two Spanish philanthropist friends from Vigo city in Spain, on Monday donated lenses to the Gambia Federation for Disable at the GOVI headquarters in Kanifing.
The sort of lenses donated are myopia, longsighted and shortsighted glasses, which aims to help people with minor visual problem see better using lens.

Karmen Louzao, in her remarks, said that she came to the Gambia last year and realised that it is necessary to help people with visual problem, which prompted her and her friend to contact their friends on social media and they started sending lenses from Vigo, Spain.
“We have lot more lenses at home and we will do our best to bring them here for usage, as we are very happy with how the Gambia federation for disabled works hard to help the people affected.” She said.
Javier De La Morena, said they are looking forward to having strong collaboration with GFD, while urging them to provide them with the right prescriptions from doctors so they would be able to provide the right lenses to the right people in the future.
After receiving the lenses, Ebrima Dibbasey, Executive Director of the Gambia Federation for the Disabled (GFD), expressed his joy having received the lenses.
He assured the donors that the lenses will be used accordingly, adding that they will be very happy to maintain their partnership with the two donors and their partners back home in Spain. “We will contact the medical department and try to provide you with all the statistic and medical advice, which will guide us in using the materials.
“GFD engages in various areas geared towards improving the livelihood of people with disabilities, with the aim of reducing its members from the street,” said Dibbasey.

Lamin Manneh, a board member, National Organisation for Disable and Ophan, and Christian Caring Trust the Gambia, thanked the donors and urged them to continue the gesture.

By Abdoulie Nget

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