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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ebola Update: Gambia free but equipped in case

Modou Njie
By Abdoulie Nget

Just a day after Liberia reconfirmed Ebola Cases, The Gambia Government through the health ministry declared the country as Ebola free, but urged citizens to be vigilant.
In a media briefing on Thursday, Modou Njie, Director of Health Promotion under the health ministry declared The Gambia as Ebola free saying, “Ebola outbreak is not yet over as it is still in sub region, which is why we as Gambians should continue observing the preventive measures”.

He added: “The Health Ministry is working very hard in making sure that the Gambia remains free from Ebola. We registered as at yet, as we have been very active in resource mobilisation and surveillance, which shows how vigilant we are towards taking protective measures against the deadly disease.”
For Njie, it is a plus for the Government, donors and citizens of the Gambia, knowing that the disease is not in the country and the health department will strengthen all its preventive measures as well as release any information related to the disease.
“In combating the disease, we have a task force on the ground which embedded sub committees in various communities making sure that the country is safe from Ebola.”
Njie went further to urge Gambians to be using the 1026, a free call number which was initiated by PURA to report and seek information related to Ebola, but went on to advice people not to abuse its usage.
The reason for continues briefing the public through the media, he said will help minimise rumours regarding the situation of the disease in the country.

Also speaking, Bakary Sanneh, National Public Health Laboratory Services, said: “There are three Ebola centres in the Gambia, Mansakonko, Basse and Banjul Sanatorium and all these centres are well equipped to collect data and send them to Dakar for testing in case any Ebola case arise.” 

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