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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

South African Claim To Have Killed Seven Gambians In Xenophobic Attacks

Gambians from all walk of lives have reacted angrily to news of a man in a video posted online claiming to have kill seven Gambians in xenophobia attacks in South African.
The man reportedly believed to be the gang leader of xenophobia in the country says in the video that ‘I initiated the killings.’
Gambians took to the social media to vet their anger and disappointed with the South African man whose name is not disclosed describing it if true ‘as shameless and barbaric.’
South Africa for the past weeks has seen surge in violence against foreigners, which resulted in many death and injuries. The attack on foreigners has received widespread condemnation from some world leaders including South African president Jacob Zuma, whose son is also accused of complicity in the attacks.
The unknown man says his troops will not stop killing foreigners, giving them an ultimatum of 14 days to leave.  “The pride I feel when I kill a fellow black man, I can’t even express it,” he said.
The government of The Gambia is yet to react to claims that seven Gambians were killed and the threat that more Gambians will be killed by the leader of the ‘xenophobic attacks.’
Baba Jah, a Gambia resident in United States posted a video on social media about the xenophobia and there are claims that the said video from the so called leader of the xenophobic attacks was in response to Baba’s video as he mentioned Baba in this disturbing video. Diasporium News cannot ascertain the source of the video or how true his claims of Gambian deaths are.
The reports are conflicting and cannot be confirmed at this time. It is now surfacing online that the video was a hoaxed and from a comedy and acting YouTube channel imitating the South African Xenophobia Attack leader and many will not see such as a joke, but rather an action that encourages violence and the person to be held accountable.
Malawi has evacuated their citizens from South Africa and it is unclear if it is necessary for The Gambia Government to evacuate its small Gambian population there.
The Gambian president was the Chair of the African Union Security Council and his administration that recently condemned the Swedish Foreign Ministers comments about human rights in Saudi Arabia is yet to condemn or make any statements on the xenophobic attacks on Sub-Saharan Africans in South Africa.

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