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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bahati provides ultrasound machine to Essau, trains Gambian doctors

A Spanish charity, Bahati Foundation, has donated an ultrasound examination machine to Essau Major Health Centre in Lower Nuimi District, North Bank Region.
The presentation of the gesture was followed by a week-long training of Gambian doctors and midwives on the use of the machine.

Addressing the event which will wrap up on Friday at the Serrekunda General Hospital, Samba Ceesay, the director of health care services, said that doctors and midwives have many extended roles in meeting the needs of the health care system.
He added: “The provision of the routine ultrasound examination, especially in Essau Major Health Centre will add value to the quality of the reproductive health care, especially in the detection of most gynecological abnormalities.”
According to him, quality has become a major focus within the health care system, especially in areas of obstetrics and gynecology.
He emphasised: “In a case where radiography is no longer generally used, diagnostic ultrasound has provided an important platform in assessing viability and age, evaluating development, as well as uterine and placental abnormalities.
“You will agree with me that the use of diagnostic ultrasound with proper training and experience could be a catalyst in eliminating unnecessary examinations and misdiagnosis. The provision of this vital equipment is timely and the need for adequate education and training cannot be overemphasised, especially in the rural health instructions, where diagnostic ultrasound services are often not available at all or only at an inadequate level.”
Abdou Jammeh, a health care officer in North Bank Region, commended Dr Olga Mass and her dedicated team for providing the ultrasound machine to Essau.
The foundation, he said, has built a health post in Ndungo Kebbeh, and is planning to build others. “There also plans to bring a mobile ultrasound examination machine in the near future,” Jammeh added.

By Abdoulie Nget 


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