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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Balla Geuye 2 Trains with Yekini

For the second consecutive time, Balla Geuye 2 went to the United States for effective training ahead of his much talked about heavy weight fight against Muhamed Ndao, Tyson, organized by Gaston Mbengue and scheduled to take place at Stade Demba Diop on 31 July.
Despite the many different views of the two wrestlers Balla Geuye 2 trained in the same room with Yekini who defeated Tyson in 2010 in preparation to beat the same man, Tyson.
Tyson has missed the wrestling arena for three years after failing to comply with the referees’ decisions after been beaten by Bombardier of Mbour in January 7, 2007, while Balla Geuye is a competitive figure in the Senegalese wrestling, with just one defeat against Emeue Sene of Boul Fale.

The combat which supposed to take place earlier this year was delayed due to a sustained injury that affected Muhamed Ndao, Tyson, which served as a frustration to the powerful young wrestler Balla Geuye 2 who was then just from training United States.
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Tyson told Balla that he is doing sports business and he is just waiting for the young star in the wrestling circle, while Balla said: “I don’t care, the way am heading to and what I want, this man Tyson can’t stop me, am very powerful.”
Author: Abdoulie Nget

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