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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Modou Lo to Train in USA before Face Lake De Guiers 2

Modou Lo
The stable wrestler of Rock energy Modou Lo wants to imitate Yekini the King of the arena by going to complete his preparation at the United States of America before facing Lake De Guiers 2. 
The darling of the people of Parcel Assainies is in the United States for weeks to fine-tune his preparation prior to facing Lake De Guiers 2.
 On April 4, Modou Lo is to face a wrestler of team Walo Lake De Guiers 2. The popular wrestler Modou Lo has gained more weight as he is now 127 kg compared when he faced Baye Madione with 115 kg.

Meanwhile, his opponent Lake De Guiers was 135 kg when he faced Ema Saine at the Demba Diop stadium.
Modou’s used his technique to win a heavy load Baye Mandione, which many people expect to see the same against Lake De Guiers 2 come April 4, 2011.

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