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Thursday, January 27, 2011

IOC Warn GNOC of Outside Interference

The International Olympic committee IOC, in an apparent response to the Gambia’s most talked about GNOC election has warned the local Olympic committee (GNOC) that it will not tolerate any outside interference in the  election process and/or in the GNOC’s internal affairs and operations. This was contained in a letter addressed to the Interim GNOC chief Beatrice Allen.
In the letter, the IOC threatened that any election not conducted under the jurisdiction of Mrs Allen would not be recognized.
The letter reads: Situation of your NOC
Dear Ms Allen,
We have been informed of the difficulties that you personally and your NOC are currently facing.
It is our understanding that a legal procedure is ongoing, however, knowing that elections within your NOC are scheduled on 12th February 2011, we would like to reiterate that: (i) The IOC will not tolerate any outside interference in this election process and/or in the NOC’s internal affairs and operations.
(ii) The election process must be conducted exclusively under the jurisdiction of your NOC and in particular under your leadership, as NOC Acting President, according to the process that was established by your NOC and with the list of voting members endorsed by your NOC in accordance with your NOC’s Constitution and the Olympic Charter.
Should this process not be conducted as planned by your NOC and endorsed by the IOC, the IOC (i) would not be in a position to recognise the outcomes and results of the General Assembly and
(ii) would be forced to take appropriate action for the protection of your NOC in accordance with the Olympic Charter and in particular Rule 28.9 which states:
“Apart from the measures and sanctions provided in the case of infringement of the Olympic Charter, the IOC Executive Board may take any appropriate decisions for the protection of the Olympic Movement in the country of an NOC, including suspension of or withdrawal of recognition from such NOC if the constitution, law or other regulations in force in the country concerned, or any act by any governmental or other body causes the activity of the NOC or the making or expression of its will to be hampered.”
We hope that everyone will understand the gravity of the situation and will strictly respect the jurisdiction of your NOC and the principles mentioned above which are based on your
NOC’s Constitution and the Olympic Charter.
We thank you for your continuous collaboration and we kindly ask you to keep us informed of any development in this matter. The letter Reads.

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