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Monday, March 18, 2013

Kasa Renews Call for Baba Leigh’s Release

Dudu Kasa Jaata- Gambian Politician

Dudu Kasa Jaata, a vocal opposition in the Gambian has on Monday renewed his calls fro the Gambia government to release the detained Imam Baba Leigh after months of detention with out trial.
It could be recalled that Imam Leigh whisked away from his family since 3 December, 2012, by the plain cloths suspiciously the Gambia’s spy agency and since then his family are left in limbo as they are yet to know his whereabouts talk less of seeing him.
The out spoken politician label the Gambia’s human right record as among the worst due to what he call bad governance that the current regime is manipulating and handling the affairs of the state, adding that people are tired of witnessing bad news day-in-day-out.

“Baba Leigh should be release or brought to justice, but should not be kept as a hostage for no reason. The government of the day should review the way it is acting and give the people their right due,” he said.
For Kasa the government and its executive continuous to make mistakes on regular basis, which should change dramatically as people of the country are stocked and tired living in such a situation, where the president is using the corridors of power to punish people without justifications.
The politician who contested in the past national assembly election went on to lament on the Government’s recent refusal to accept the EU’s 17 points dossier, saying it was a wrong decision made by the president, adding after all the people and the government would have benefited from the proposal but not in any way the EU.
According to Kasa, the rejection of EU’s proposal by president clearly manifested his lost touch of political reality, saying Jammeh came to power by incident but does not have the leadership quality to lead the country into a democratic state.
“It is time for him to sign out and leave the country for better leader to lead,” he concluded.

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