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Sunday, February 24, 2013

PYDA holds AGM, opened a four block classroom

Chairman Demba Kujabi
The Patriotic Youth Association for development (PYDA) in Kanwally, Foni Bondali District west coast region held their third annual general meeting on February, 2nd 2013 with the theme, “Unity is Strength.”
According to the reports from the chairman Demba Kujabi, said the 2012 activity has gone successful despite facing some challenges.
“The commitment and dedication of the executive committee, and members of PYDA and other promotion activities has contributed immensely to the membership growth, which was increase to 75% from 2011-2013,” said Demba.
“15% of our membership contribution has increase, from 2011-2012. PYDA cultivated one hectare of groundnut farm, on women’s livestock and horticultural development project garden site in Kanwally,” Demba remarks.
He continued that 21, 940 Dalasis was received as donations from individuals, in support of their implementation project. He said the executive committee and management of the board, met six times and two times respectively during the year under review.
In his conclusion the chairman said, human resources development training was also conducted, to build the capacities of their members and one thousand stocks of Gmalinas were transplanted alongside the perimeter of PYDA head office.
Also speaking at the gathering was the child protection alliance representative Njundu Drammeh, he said youth are the future leaders of a country. “If they (the youth) have the hope of developing a country then we can say the villages will also be developed.”
Mr Drammeh expresses his satisfaction of dedication and unity the youth of Kanwally.
“The position of the youth is to develop their country. The former president of United States John Kennedy said youth should not ask what their country can do for them; however say what they can do for their country,” said Drammeh.
He further appeals to the youth of Kanwally and the country at large, to respect their parents and also obey their advices.
The speaker of the national assembly, Abdoulie Bojang was among the guest speakers, he said “faith in human beings is to worship Allah and also have faith in Allah. He is the creator of all the living beings on earth.” He advised the youth, to participate well in the development of their country and have unity within them.
Four block classroom opened
In a separate occasion the Petriotic Youth Association in collaboration with the Village development committee of Kanwally, opened a four block classroom for Sheikh Gibriel Mahadi Kujabi Islamic School.
Speaking at the opening ceremony the alkalo of Kanwally Ismaila Kujabi said the student at the school came from a poor family and they are appealing to the general public for assistance including the president of the republic, Yahya Jammeh.
Speaking on behalf of the president of the supreme Islamic council of The Gambia, Basiru Camara said the Islamic union of The Gambia with its headquarters in Tallinding was founded in 1963.
Mr Camara continued; “the union  realise that, the Islamic religion have to spread throughout the country, we have more than twenty-eight thousand students in the country and more than one thousand eight hundred schools including Kanwally.

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