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Monday, April 16, 2012

Sa Thies Sets fire on Yekini, Balla Gaye 2 “face to face”

The younger brother of Balla Gaye 2, the lion of Guédiawaye, Sa Thies purred hot water on the face to face that supposed to happen between his brother Balla and the king of the arena Yekini on April 11, at hotel Radisson Blu Dakar by hitting Yekini junior on face.
The face to face which is part of the contract signed by the two wrestlers with promoter Lui Necola and was to be a platform for sponsors to showcase their products, was the second failed event between the two big fighters.
Their first face to face at Thies on April 4 failed after Yekini waited for a long time and went before Balla’s arrival and the second on Wednesday 11 April, ended up in chaos.
These time, both wrestlers were at the ground on venue, with Yekini been the first to take the podium, but was interrupted by Balla’s young brother. Upon arrival, Sa Thies approached Yekini’s bouncers and they opposed, amid the raise of the crime temperature.
The little brother of Balla, Sa Thies who is known of composure, was the man who hit Yekini Junior, the king of the arena’s lieutenant, resulting to a big fight that served as a hitch to the event, which all fans of wrestle in and out Senegal were hoping to watch.
Now the question is how will it be on the day of the actual fight? Which is on the 22 April.
Author: Abdoulie Nget

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