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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sang to respond to SJAG ‘Unconstitutional’ Decision

By Abdoulie Nget

After consultation, the removed Secretary General of the Gambia Sports Journalists Association which is dubbed by many members as ‘uncommitted’ is to respond to what he called unconstitutional removal from the SJAG executive in a press conference to be held on Thursday 19 January at City Limit Radio premises.

Sang Mendy was removed as a Secretary General of the SJAG and replaced with his immediate assistant Abdoulie Bah of West Coast Radio in a general meeting held on Sunday 6th January 2012 at The Daily News Premises. The meeting was witnessed by the president of the association Sainabou Kujabi Njie, the first vice president Amadou Wuyeh Manga, assistant treasurer Ebrima Bah and some members. The said meeting filled in Observer Sports’ Baboucarr Camara as the assistant Secretary General of the association.

Sang who promised to get back to this paper if he is to take a decision did so by informing the paper’s sports that he is to hold a press conference aimed at responding to the decision taken by the association in his absent.
“After consultation with my family, friends and love one, I want to convene a press conference on the decision of SJAG in what they called sacking me, which
I see as unconstitutional and out of touch so I am inviting you to my press conference on Thursday at City Limits Radio,” a statement from sang reads.
It was also said during the meeting that a warning letter signed by the president Mrs. Kujabi Njie was addressed to Sang, but he failed to respond.
Sang Mendy,  who was not present at the meeting said he was not aware of the removal, noting that until he receives his removal letter, he sees himself as the secretary General of the Gambia Sports Journalists Association.
Editors Note:
But the big question need to be answered is, who is right here? Is it the SJAG or Sang? Time will tell in this case.

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